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Welcome to Whitby!

Welcome to Whitby, a beautiful seaside town on the North Yorkshire coast. Having grown up in this small town and then choosing to settle back here for the majority of my career, I am excited to share recommendations and images from my day to day life here. Whether you are staying for a weekend or a fortnight, there is plenty to see and do, and Whitby is a wonderful place to visit no matter what the season! 

Whitby has a long history and the iconic Abbey located at the top of the 199 steps was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. 

The town can be reached via bus or train as well as car/taxi.

The town is divided into 2 halves - an east side and a west side, split by the River Esk which can be crossed via the swing bridge in the centre of town. Both sides of Whitby have plenty to offer, with pubs, restaurants and shops littered across the town. The top of the 199 steps give great views across Whitby's rooftops, and the view from the whalebones on the West Cliff is equally spectacular. 

Whitby has a wonderful beach (pictured below), which, when the tide is out, runs all of the way to Sandsend. You can then either walk or catch the bus back to town! 

The North Yorkshire coast is a wonderful place to visit at all times of year, the different seasons provide their own unique experience and it is wonderful to take in the sea views when it's warm and calm in summer but equally when it can be cold and stormy during the winter months! 

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